Wave Atomizing Ultrasonic Cleaning Sensor 1.7MHz for Vegetables/Garden

Wave Atomization Ultrasonic Cleaning Transducer 1.7mhz For Vegetables / GardensUltrasonic industrial humidifier product features1. The integrated atomization module is used internally, and the chip can be replaced, and the maintenance is simple;2. The diameter of the mist particles sprayed by the whole machine is less than 10uF;

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Wave Atomization Ultrasonic Cleaning Transducer 1.7mhz For Vegetables / Gardens
Ultrasonic industrial humidifier product features
1. The integrated atomization module is used internally, and the chip can be replaced, and the maintenance is simple;
2. The diameter of the mist particles sprayed by the whole machine is less than 10uF;
3. The maximum relative humidity can reach 99%, adjustable and controllable, with temperature display;
4. Intelligent and accurate humidity control, using world-class probes, the control accuracy is more than 3%
5. Flexible movement, easy installation, both mobile use and external wall hanging installation;

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Rated power





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Wave Atomization Ultrasonic Cleaning Transducer 1.7MHz for Vegetables / Gardens

Working principle of ultrasonic humidifier:
   The principle of ultrasonic atomization is the use of electronic over-frequency oscillation (the oscillation frequency is 1.7MHz, which exceeds the hearing range of humans and has no harm to humans and animals). The high-frequency resonance of the atomization sheet throws the water away from the surface of the water and produces a natural flow. Water mist, no heating or chemicals required. In the process of atomization, a large amount of negative ions will be released, combined with the floating smoke and dust in the air, and the electrostatic treatment will precipitate and filter it, which can effectively remove harmful substances and odors such as nails, carbon monoxide, bacteria, etc., and can prevent and control decoration pollution. The high concentration of negative ions can effectively kill harmful bacteria and viruses suspended in the air, purify the air, and reduce the occurrence of diseases. In the process of atomization, the negative ion particles can compensate for the air humidity and improve the dry home environment or industrial environment.
Applicable to the following industries:
(1) Textile industry: Humidity control in textile mills to eliminate static electricity and reduce dust.
(2) Paper industry: Humidity control of paper to eliminate static electricity and dust.
(3) Computer room: Humidity control and static elimination of various computer room.
(4) Electronics industry: semiconductor component factory, LCD factory, PCB factory, IC test factory, etc., used for humidity control and static elimination.
(5) Spraying industry: Humidity control of automobile painting and various spraying plants to eliminate static electricity and reduce dust.
(6) Plastic industry: humidity control and static elimination in plastic molding factories and plastic product manufacturers.
(7) Gunpowder industry: gunpowder production, filling, manufacturing and storage are used to eliminate static electricity.
(8) Printing industry: humidity control and static elimination in plastic printing, exquisite printing, special printing.
(9) Laboratory: all kinds of quality inspection, testing, analysis, and laboratory environmental constant humidity.
(10) Tobacco industry: tobacco processing, production humidity control and dust reduction.
(11) HVAC industry: Central air-conditioning system increases humidity and eliminates static electricity.
(12) Fresh-keeping storage: constant-humidity fresh-keeping and constant-humidity storage of fruit thinning products.
(13) Food industry: drying, dehydrating and refrigerating food, regaining moisture and keeping fresh.
(14) Planting industry: large-scale planting and cultivation of edible fungi, flowers, tropical plants and soilless culture and other humidity control.
(15) Breeding industry: large-scale breeding, breeding and hatching of livestock, birds, insects, etc. are used for moisture retention and disinfection.
(16) Artificial landscapes: Tropical artificial rainforests, films, exhibitions, etc. that imitate natural environment landscapes.

The ultrasonic atomizer utilizes electronic high-frequency oscillation (the oscillation frequency is 1.7MHz or 2.4MHz, which exceeds the human hearing range, and the electronic oscillation is harmless to humans and animals). The structure breaks down to produce naturally flowing water mist, without the need to heat or add any chemical reagents. Compared with the heating atomization method, the energy saving is 90%. In addition, a large amount of negative ions will be released during the atomization process, which will generate an electrostatic reaction with the smoke and dust floating in the air, causing it to precipitate, while also effectively removing harmful substances such as formaldehyde, carbon monoxide, bacteria, etc. Reduce the incidence of disease.

Application industry: textile industry, electronics industry, printing industry, spraying industry, tobacco industry, edible fungus, computer room, supermarket preservation, laboratory, automotive industry, food industry, planting industry, breeding industry, artificial landscape, health care, air conditioning Industry, plastic industry, etc. In general, it is used for the following equipment:
Humidifier for textile mills: high-pressure micro-mist humidification cooling and dust removal system
Humidifier for electronics factory: wet film humidifier, dry steam humidifier, humidifier for central air conditioning, electrode humidifier, electric humidifier
Humidifiers for printing plants: industrial ultrasonic humidifiers, high-pressure micro-mist humidifiers, economical wet film humidifiers
Special humidifier for spraying industry: Industrial ultrasonic humidifier
Tobacco industry special humidifier: Industrial ultrasonic humidifier, high pressure micro mist humidification and dust removal system, industrial ultrasonic humidifier, dry steam humidifier
Humidifier for cold storage and air-conditioning warehouse: industrial ultrasonic humidifier, high-pressure micro-mist humidification system
Special humidifier for machine room: industrial ultrasonic humidifier, economical wet film humidifier, electrode humidifier, electric humidifier
Special humidifier for supermarket preservation: industrial ultrasonic humidifier
Laboratory humidifier: industrial ultrasonic humidifier, electrode humidifier, electric humidifier
Industrial ultrasonic humidifier
Ultrasonic humidifier for cold storage and air conditioning storage
Industrial ultrasonic humidifier, high pressure micro mist humidifier, special ultrasonic humidifier for cold storage air conditioning
Industrial ultrasonic humidifier, high pressure micro mist humidification, cooling system
Industrial ultrasonic humidifier, high pressure micro mist humidification, dust removal system
Industrial ultrasonic humidifier, high pressure micro mist humidification system
Ultrasonic humidifier for central air conditioning, electrode humidifier, electric humidifier, dry steam humidifier, fan coil humidifier,
Industrial ultrasonic humidifier
Used in humidifier, incense burner, beauty machine, disinfection machine, bathtub fog machine, bonsai, crafts, etc.

Wave Atomization Ultrasonic Cleaning Transducer 1.7MHz for Vegetables / Gardens

Under the correct usage, the service life of the atomizing tablets is about 3000 hours, and it is very easy to replace. Its service life is also related to the quality of the water. If scale deposits on the atomizing tablets, please clean them with a soft cloth. According to different water quality and usage purposes, different atomizing tablets can be selected. For example, in areas with harder water quality, stainless steel-coated atomizing tablets are used. For acid-resistant environments, glass-glazed atomizing tablets are used.
The atomizer has the function of automatic protection against water cut. When the water level is lower than the water level switch, the atomizer will automatically stop working.
When the atomizer is working, please do not put your hand above the atomizer, because of the high-frequency vibration, the hand will feel tingling, but this is not electrical shock or leakage.
The correct use steps of the atomizer are: put the atomizer in a container filled with water → connect the power cable of the atomizer to the transformer → connect the plug of the transformer to the power supply.
Special reminder: Do not connect the atomizer to the power supply when the surface of the atomizing film is dry, because the pulse current of the circuit startup will burn out the atomizing film when the atomizing film has no water.

Ultrasonic atomizer adopts high-efficiency integrated circuit, ultra-small integrated unique structure design, and important parts adopt high-quality atomizer. Widely used for humidifier, incense, beauty machine, disinfection machine, bathtub fog machine, bonsai, handicrafts.
Ultrasonic atomizer series products, from single nozzle to multiple nozzles, from unstable flange mounting structure to high-performance input type, from water atomizers to atomizers resistant to strong oxidants such as chlorine dioxide, from zinc From alloy shell to brass and stainless steel shell, choose the atomizer product model, adjust the parameters and process of the atomizer reasonably

In order to achieve the longest service life and the best use effect of your products, please read the following carefully.
1---After the atomizer is working for a long time, scale will be deposited on the shell and the surface of the atomizing sheet, which seriously affects its service life and the amount of atomization. Therefore, it is recommended to clean the atomizer at least once every half a month. When cleaning, you can gently scrub the surface of the atomizer shell and the surface of the atomizer with a soft cloth dipped in alcohol. Do not clean the atomizer with hard objects to avoid scratching the atomizer.
2--- Water quality will affect the service life of the atomizer, it is recommended to use clean water.
3-- After the atomizer has worked for a long time (about 5000 hours), the life of the atomizer will be reduced and the amount of atomization will be reduced. At this time, you can replace the new atomizer, please contact the atomizer and the matching tool spoon Purchased by local dealers or our company. The replacement method can refer to (Figure 1). The replacement steps are as follows:
3-1---Turn off the power, take the atomizer out of the water, and put it upside down for a while. After all the water in the atomizer flows out, wipe the water in the spray chamber and the inner surface of the atomizer with a dry cloth.
3-2---Unscrew the pressure ring counterclockwise with a tool spoon, remove the old transducer, and keep the cavity of the atomized transducer dry and clean.
3-3---Install the new transducer with the front side up and the reverse side down and tighten the compression ring clockwise.

Air humidification artifact--Ultrasonic industrial humidifier, to understand the application and function of ultrasonic industrial humidifier, please come to Dongguan Jiawu Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., profit is not our ultimate goal, we insist on providing the most reliable humidification scheme, building high-quality Engineering, reduce the investment cost of customers to obtain the highest benefits for customers, please feel free to contact, we will reply to you as soon as possible.
Ultrasonic industrial humidifiers are widely used in the textile industry, paper industry, computer room, electronics industry, mobile phone battery industry, spraying industry, plastic industry, gunpowder industry, printing industry, laboratory, tobacco industry, HVAC industry, fresh storage, food industry , Planting industry, breeding industry, artificial landscape, artificial fog, printing factory, printing and dyeing factory, air-conditioning factory, supermarket, etc. Choose to use the ultrasonic industrial humidifier with high humidification intensity, uniform humidification, and high humidification efficiency; energy saving, power saving, power consumption is only 1/10 to 1/15 of the electric heating humidifier; long service life, automatic humidity balance, no water automatic Protection; it has the functions of medical atomization, cold compress bath surface, cleaning jewelry, etc.

The ultrasonic industrial humidifier uses the atomizer module at the bottom of the water tank to convert electrical energy into mechanical energy. It uses electronic overfrequency oscillation to emit 1.7MHz ultrasonic waves into the water. Through the high-frequency resonance of the atomizing sheet, the water is thrown away from the surface of the water to produce a naturally floating water mist. And blown out of the machine, no heating or chemical agents are needed to produce 1-5 micron water particles floating in the air, so as to achieve the purpose of enthalpy humidifying the air. Ultrasonic industrial humidifier can automatically enter water, automatically humidify, automatically drain, automatically clean, without personnel on duty; easy to use, easy to install, the host can move flexibly on the universal wheel, can also be installed on the wall, can also be installed on the floor, applicable Used in various environments.

Ultrasonic industrial humidifiers are used in industrial workshops to filter air dust such as humidifying, cooling, dedusting, and antistatic. While humidifying, it increases the oxygen content of the air, which greatly creates and improves the environment in which people live.

-------------------------------------------------- --------------------------
Precautions for use:
1. When the nebulizer is working normally, please do not put your hand above the spray chamber of the nebulizer to prevent ultrasonic injury.
2. The atomizer must be in water to work properly. Please put it in the water before use and then turn on the power, and ensure that the surface of the atomizer is in a water state to avoid damage to the atomizer.
3. When you stop using the atomizer, please disconnect the power first, and then remove the atomizer from the water.
4. When using this atomizer, please select a power supply with output power greater than 350W and output voltage of DC45 ± 5V. The power supply should be isolated from the mist to avoid the mist getting into the power circuit board, short circuit, and burning the power supply.
5. When multiple atomizers are used in the same container, they need to be equipped with separate power sources, and a single power source cannot be used to connect multiple atomizers for use, and pay attention to make the shells of each atomizer conduct to each other to prevent the occurrence of work Electrical corrosion.
6. The mist generated by the atomizer must be forced to be discharged using a fan, and each group of atomizers reserves 350CM2 of flat space to avoid excessive water temperature and shorten the life of the atomizer.
7. The atomizer is not suitable for atomizing corrosive liquids, so as not to damage the metal shell of the atomizer and the atomizing sheet.
8. During the installation process, please do not damage the water level sensor switch, so as to avoid the failure of the water level switch and the loss of control of the atomizer. After the water level switch is damaged, it should be stopped. Otherwise, the atomizer will dry and further damage the atomizer. At this time, it must be repaired by professional maintenance personnel before it can be used.

1. It is more adaptable to the quality of atomized water. The same atomizer can work normally with pure water or tap water.
2. The power supply has a wide range of application, ensuring that the product can still be used normally in the occasion of large changes in mains power.
3. The power polarity protection circuit is provided to prevent the user from damaging the product if it is reversed (does not work when reversed).
4. There is a start-up delay circuit to avoid damage to the circuit due to excessive start-up surge current.
5. The circuit of a single nozzle adopts an independent design and adopts an overcurrent protection circuit, which avoids the burning of a nozzle and damages the power supply, and does not affect the normal operation of other nozzles.
6. The current of the whole machine is less affected by the voltage and temperature. Because the current in each nozzle is automatically adjusted by electronic, the current will decrease with the increase of temperature (it will not affect the amount of fog), which avoids serious heating of the power tube and current. The increase causes a vicious cycle and damages the atomizer.
7. This product uses a metal shell with high thermal conductivity, strong corrosion resistance, and good mechanical strength, which reduces the temperature difference between the inside of the host and the water, thereby extending the service life of the product.
1. The amount of atomization is related to the power supply voltage, power supply current, working water temperature, water quality, water level and air flow. The above fog volume is based on the test data obtained under the factory's standard test environment.
2. Water level refers to the vertical distance from the shell surface to the water surface.
3. The working current of the atomizer will increase slightly with the increase of the operating voltage, and decrease slightly with the increase of the temperature.
4. Water quality will affect the ability to identify the lack of water protection switch, it is recommended to use clean tap water.
5. Generally, the conductivity of clean tap water is 120-250 US / CM, and the conductivity of purified water is 5-15 US / CM. The specific conductivity is determined by the local water quality.

Application areas:
Edible fungus: creating a humidity environment suitable for the cultivation process
Computer room: Maintain humidity, eliminate static electricity, reduce dust, and clean the air. Reduce failures.
Supermarket freshness: green leafy vegetables, fruits, fresh meat, fresh, refrigerated display cabinets, keeping fruits and vegetables fresh, taste, color, prevent dehydration, withering, weightlessness, etc.
Laboratory: Various types of inspection, testing, quality, analysis, laboratory and other constant humidity environments. Maintain various experimental process requirements, improve reliability and reduce failures.
Planting industry: all kinds of orchids, tropical plants, soilless cultivation, flower houses, etc., to maintain various humidity requirements during the growing season.
Breeding industry: large-scale breeding sites such as livestock, birds, insects, etc. simulate the natural environment. Maintain the humidity requirements of various breeding industries, moisturizing and disinfecting.
Artificial landscape: tropical artificial rain, film and television, exhibitions, parks, zoos, squares, water screen movies, etc. imitating the natural environment cloud landscape.
Leisure and health care: leisure and entertainment such as bathing, fitness, skin care, beauty, cold mist bath, salt mist bath, negative ion bath, high-end human enjoyment, comfortable environment,
Bar: pure draft beer + real ice + natural flowing water smoke, recreation and artificial landscape, romantic water smoke, pleasant environment, negative ion bath.
Film and television cultural industry: fog screen, three-dimensional sense.
Air conditioning industry: air conditioning in airports, stations, hotels, shopping malls, hospitals, theaters, office buildings, etc. humidifies and maintains humidity to suit human needs.
Gunpowder industry: In addition to static electricity, dust reduction, explosion-proof.
Tobacco industry: humidification, breakage and dust removal during processing.
Textile industry: humidification, elimination of static electricity, dust reduction, no broken ends, reduction of flying flowers, weight increase and production increase, etc.
Printing industry: In addition to static electricity, maintain humidity to ensure that the paper does not shrink and deform, no paper jams, no defective products, easy color registration, no downtime, and improve production efficiency.
Spraying industry: all kinds of industrial products are sprayed on the shell to maintain humidity, increase paint adhesion, and do not remove paint or paint off
Wave Atomization Ultrasonic Cleaning Transducer 1.7mhz For Vegetables / Gardens

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