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W4 Optical Emission Spectrometer (Arc/Spark-OES)Economical and Easy Metal AnalyzerSpecification:High resolution CMOS readout systemLow total cost of ownershipVacuum optics enabling fast stabilizationUnmatched analytical performance and reliabilityExcellent long-term stabilityIntelligent design, Modular designFerrous and non-ferr

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W4 Optical Emission Spectrometer (Arc/Spark-OES)
Economical and Easy Metal Analyzer

High resolution CMOS readout system
Low total cost of ownership
Vacuum optics enabling fast stabilization
Unmatched analytical performance and reliability
Excellent long-term stability
Intelligent design, Modular design
Ferrous and non-ferrous applications
Easy to use with full PC control
Friendly user interface

W4 Spectrometer is most suitable instrument for the determination of various elements in different matrices (Fe, Cu, Al, Ni, Co, Mg, Ti, Zn, Pb, Sn, Ag, etc ). It is an economical and easy solution to quick analysis near the furnace, metal material quality analysis,research laboratories and metal grade identification
This also gives the user a truly economical spectrometer that's both easy to use and easy to space saved. The optical system uses a CMOS detector with a spectral range covering all typical materials. It can accurately and reliably analyze from low-level elements to high-content elements.

Steel plants where needs are at around 100 PPM levels or elements like C, Cr, S, P etc.
Rolling mills, foundries, workshops: Rapid analysis; test several 100s of samples daily
Alloy manufacturers: Any number of bases / matrices; highly stable and precise
Testing Laboratories: Commercial testing laboratories, Universities and colleges
Foundries which need a quick analysis near the furnace
Warehouse material identification
Base: Fe, Cu, Al, Ni, Co, Mg, Ti, Zn, Pb, Sn, Ag, etc

Item Index
Optical System Focal Length350mm
Wavelength range165nm-589nm(extendable)
Detector High resolution CMOS Multi detectors
Light chamberArgon cycle filling
Pixel resolution30pm
Grating line3600m1/mm
First order spectral line dispersion rare1.2nm/mm
Average resolution ratio10pm/pixel
Full spectrum
Light chamber temperature is controlled automatically
Spark SourceType Digital arc and spark source
Spark frequency100-1000HZ
Discharge current1-400A
Ignition voltage>15000V

Excitation light
Optimization of discharge parameters design
High energy precombustion technology HEPS

High-speed data synchronization acquisition and processing
Spark Stand Electrode Tungsten electrode technology
Make up Thermal deformation self-compensation design
Argon flushed with minimal consumption of Argon
Spray discharge electrode technology
Adjustable electrode technology

Measurable elementsFe,Al,Cu,Ni,Ti,Co,Zn,Sn,Mg,Pb  etc
Dimension 714mm(L)*558mm*270mm(H)
weightAbout 40kg
Storage temperature0ºC-45ºC
Operating temperature10ºC-35ºC, 23±2ºC is recommended
Power AC220V/50Hz(Customized)
Power consumptionExcitation:400W/Stand by:50W
Argon quality99.999%, Argon pressure>4Mpa
Argon consumption 5L/min during spark mode
Interface Ethernet data transmission based on DM9000A
12 Channels Optical Emission Spectrometer with Low Price
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Optical Emission Spectrometers for Metal Analysis Spark Oes
12 Channels Optical Emission Spectrometer with Low Price
12 Channels Optical Emission Spectrometer with Low Price
12 Channels Optical Emission Spectrometer with Low Price
12 Channels Optical Emission Spectrometer with Low Price
12 Channels Optical Emission Spectrometer with Low Price


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