Assessment of Sustainable Toll Roads, Ministry of PUPR's Efforts to Improve Minimum Service Standards for Jabodetabek Toll Roads

2022-10-22 21:09:05 By : Mr. Damon Ji

You can get information about the profile and history of the Ministry of PUPRDisclosure of information to the Ministry of PUPRJakarta - As one of the efforts to improve sustainable toll road services, the Ministry of Public Works and Public Housing (PUPR) again conducts an assessment of the quality of toll road and rest area services throughout Indonesia in the 2022 period.PUPR Minister Basuki Hadimuljono believes that improving the quality of toll road services will have an impact on the comfort and safety of toll road users."We believe that a better toll road environment will contribute to the comfort and safety of driving on toll roads, not only the roads but also the rest areas," said Minister Basuki.The Ministry of PUPR through the Toll Road Regulatory Agency (BPJT), the Directorate General of Highways, and the Team of Experts/Experts on Tuesday (18/10/22) again reviewed the Sustainable Toll Roads along the Jabodetabek Toll Road Zone A. includes the Cawang - Tomang - Pluit Toll Road (Inner City Toll Road) Line A/B, the Prof.Dr.Ir.Soedijatmo Line A/B, and the Kebon Jeruk - Penjaringan Toll Road (JORR W1) Line A/B.The Team of Experts/Experts on Sustainable Toll Road Assessment Ahmad Safrudin said that the main target of this Sustainable Toll Road is the provision of expressways whose impact is also related to energy saving aspects and environmental pollution control.“Freeway toll roads do not only mean free from traffic jams, but also free from cracking, holes, and patching with uneven elevations.Because with these obstacles, there is lost vehicle momentum and causes the use of fuel to be more wasteful.Then the impact of carbon emissions is also higher, so beautification through reforestation is important as our effort to control environmental pollution, "said Ahmad Safrudin.Operation Maintenance Department Head PT Jasa Marga RO2 Aprimon as the BUJT managing the Inner City Toll Road and Prof.Dr.Ir.Soedijatmo said that since operating in 1987, his party has always tried to realize aspects of smoothness, safety and comfort in accordance with the Minimum Service Standards (SPM) for Toll Roads."We carried out routine maintenance on a total of 222 CCTVs, then implemented a Water Level Sensor at KM 0+200 A Japek, and KM 26+800 A as an Early Warning System if the water overflowed.We also provide a total of 12 crane vehicles and 28 Highway Patrol vehicles to continuously improve the smoothness and safety of toll road users," said Aprimon.Meanwhile, from the convenience aspect, PT Jasa Marga also routinely maintains toll road conditions and improves beautification."We routinely carry out Scrapping Filling Overlays and reconstructions and build the Gabion Park for the KM 1+200 Inner City Toll Road, and the Soedijatmo Fountain Park at KM 31+200," explained Aprimon.Then, PT Jakarta Lingkar Baratsatu (JLB) as the BUJT manager of the Kebon Jeruk - Penjaringan (JORR W1) Toll Road is also committed to always meeting the SPM as one of the main aspects of the assessment of the Sustainable Toll Road.“Based on the results of the Inequality Index and the Inequality Value Test, the JORR W1 Toll Road meets these indicators.Then, as an effort to prevent Over Dimension / Overloading (ODOL) vehicles from entering the toll road, we installed 2 Weight in Motion (WIM) lanes at the South Kembangan Toll Gate as a weight gauge that can accurately weigh vehicles that are running, "said the Head Maintenance / IT Division of PT JLB Triyanto.PT JLB also strives to improve the smoothness and safety of the JORR W1 Toll Road section through flood control and CCTV installation every 500 meters."We have 5 Polders spread over several points as an effort to control flooding, then we also installed 58 CCTV cameras in the A/B lane, all of which are monitored at our Communication Center," added Triyanto.This Sustainable Toll Road Quality Assessment is in accordance with PUPR Ministerial Regulation (Permen) Number 16/PRT/M/2014 concerning Minimum Service Standards for Toll Roads and PUPR Ministerial Regulation Number 28 of 2021 concerning Rest and Service Areas (TIP) on Toll Roads.(May)Public Communication Bureau of the Ministry of PUPR Facebook: Ministry of Public Works and Public Housing Twitter: @kemenpu Instagram: Kemenpupr Youtube: kemenpu #SigapMembangunNegeriCan't find content?Please do a searchSuggestions and input for the progress of PUPRJl.Pattimura No.20 Kebayoran Baru, South Jakarta 12110You can also contact us by clicking this linkCopyright ©2020 Ministry of Public Works and Public Housing of the Republic of Indonesia.All Rights Reserved