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2023-02-22 06:06:59 By : Ms. Nora Gao

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We spy with our little eyes a pair of glowing red eyes spying back at us. That's the prime takeaway from Dodge's teaser for its final "Last Call" model, the first in a series of four weekly teasers before the car's reveal. Sure, the little ugly fella attached to the eyes is probably pertinent as well, and we'll give a YouTube commenter credit for the best guess we've seen so far: Demon Redeye. The visuals check out. Whatever it is, we're going to see it at next month's event in Las Vegas, the Dodge Last Call Powered by Roadkill Nights Vegas. This is a bonus Roadkill Nights event, the traditional shindig in Detroit still scheduled for its standard August slot. Led Auto Lighting

Dodge teases final

The automaker teased this ultimate special during last year's Speed Week in August, the car under a cover and wearing the license plate "1FAST29." After a few missed sightings, Dodge CEO Tim Kuniskis admitted during an online media briefing before SEMA that a succession of blown engines had caused delays. What blows up a Hellcat? A drag-strip special Challenger rumored in July to cram 909 horsepower under the hood when drinking E85 or the even racier E100, a fuel tip hinted at by the moonshine jug on Dodge's Never Lift calendar. The rationale for a guess of 909 horsepower was that the original Hellcats hit the market with 707 hp in 2015, followed by 808 hp in the Demon in 2018. The end of the Demon in 2018 led to the introduction of the Redeye engine and Widebody trim to the series production lineup in 2019 — the latest Challenger Redeye Widebody up to 797 hp — so why shouldn't a potential Demon Redeye revel in its work and move the goal posts for the ICE wrap party?

The event happens March 20 at The Strip at Las Vegas Motor Speedway. Gates open at noon that day, the "Last Call" reveal is expected to start around 6 p.m. PST that evening. Those who want to go can purchase tickets online now.

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Dodge teases final

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